Managing patients after bariatric surgery can be complex. ECHO OBN provides educational support and clinical expertise at your fingertips through videoconferencing. Engage with a multi-disciplinary team from various Bariatric Centres of Excellence to gain knowledge of current practices around bariatric related care.

What is Project ECHO?

Project ECHO is an interdisciplinary model, connecting networks for healthcare professionals from academic centres and community providers across the province.

Why join ECHO OBN?
  • Earn CME credits
  • Become a local specialist in your community
  • Join a multi-disciplinary community of practice
  • Receive mentorship from a team of obesity management specialists
  • Build consensus around care provision
  • Offered at no cost to participants
Who can join?

Anyone can join from virtually anywhere - even your desk! All you need is a computer with a microphone and web-camera or simply your smart phone. 

Registration is currently open to family physicians, nurse practitioners, and allied health professionals working in primary care. Sessions begin September 2019!

Register for ECHO OBN here.

Benefits of ECHO OBN


  • Gain by receiving best-practice care by their primary care providers close to home, avoiding long wait times and travel to a specialist.

Health Care providers:

  • Earn free Continuing Medical Education (CME) professional development credits
  • Expand your knowledge on managing post-bariatric surgery patients and obesity related health conditions 
  • Access to an expert interdisciplinary team of experts in the field of obesity management
  • Receive recommendations for patient cases you presented
  • Interact with other health care professionals across the province to foster a community of practice, reducing professional isolation and providing ongoing support
  • Enhanced confidence and skills to deliver best practice care to your patients


  • Keep patients and providers local
  • Reduced disparities / variations in care
  • Rapid dissemination of best practices

Health Care system:

  • Improve the patient experience of care
  • Improve the health of populations
  • Reduce the per capita cost of healthcare
How Does ECHO Work?

Register for ECHO OBN here.

Prior to the session:

  • Participants will receive an e-agenda the day before the session, with resources and a  link to the session.
  • Participants ensure they have the equipment required to participate (stable internet connection, computer, webcam & microphone or iOS phone with phone connection).

During the session:
Sessions have 2 parts:

  1. A short evidence based presentation given by a subject expert
  2. Open discussion where participants bring forth challenging patient cases 

After the session:

  • Participants complete a weekly feedback survey
  • Presenters receive recommendations discussed during the session 

Sessions begin September 2019!

Session Learning Objectives
  • Expand knowledge on assessing and managing obesity related health conditions.
  • Informative evidence based recommendations that practitioners can integrate into practice.
  • Great discussion around challenges and optimal medication management.
  • Align knowledge and approaches to care to help patients experiencing impairment due to obesity-related morbidities and surgery-related concerns.

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