Our Team

Dr. Mehran Anvari
Lead, ECHO Ontario Bariatric Network
Dr. Mehran Anvari is the lead of Project ECHO Ontario Bariatric Network.  He is a tenured professor of surgery and holds the Research Chair of Minimally Invasive Surgery and Surgical Innovation at McMaster University.
Dr. Anvari is the Past President of the Canadian Association for Bariatric Physicians and Surgeons and the Clinical Lead and Chair of the Ontario Bariatric Network.  He is the Scientific Director and CEO of the Centre for Surgical Invention and Innovation, and the founding Director of the Centre for Minimal Access Surgery.
Dr. Anvari has been involved in teaching laparoscopic bariatric procedures for over 10 years in Canada and internationally, and is a faculty member for a number of bariatric programs, including the European Institute of Telesurgery (EITS) in Strasbourg, France.
As a researcher, supervisor, mentor, and advisor, Dr. Anvari has a continued commitment to teaching, education, publication, and innovation. He has authored over 200 publications; holds seven patents; and is the principal investigator of numerous studies related to obesity, gastrointestinal disease, and surgical robotic systems and techniques.
Dr. Anvari has been honored many times for his innovation and research: he was awarded the ORION Leadership Award in 2010 and the ISS R&D Innovation Award in 2015. Dr. Anvari’s work with telerobotics has also been recognized by the federal and provincial government with the “Gold Medal of Distinction” and the “Diamond Award for Innovation in Technology”.  Most recently, Dr. Anvari was appointed to the Order of Ontario for his support in the development of medical robotics for early detection and treatment of cancers.
Dr. Vanessa Boudreau
Co-Chair, ECHO Ontario Bariatric Network

Dr. Boudreau is a staff surgeon in Minimally Invasive and Bariatric Surgery at St. Joseph’s Healthcare and an Assistant Professor at McMaster University.
She achieved her MD in 2011 at the University of Montreal, Quebec and completed her General Surgery Residency at the University of Sherbrooke, Quebec in 2016. She completed a Fellowship in Bariatric and Minimally Invasive Surgery at St. Joseph’s Hospital here in Hamilton. Beginning in July 1, 2017, Dr. Boudreau was a Clinical Scholar in the Department of Surgery while she completed her Masters in Health Research and Methodology at McMaster University.
Dr. Boudreau is the provincial co-chair for Project ECHO OBN (Ontario Bariatric Network) and the ECHO lead for the Hamilton Bariatric Centre of Excellence site.
Her research interests focus mainly on metabolic surgery and include diabetes remission, weight regain and revisional surgery.
Daina Mueller
Clinical Project Coordinator, ECHO Ontario Bariatric Network

Daina Mueller is the Clinical Project Coordinator of Project ECHO OBN. Daina completed her MSc at McMaster University and has held various senior management roles working with clinicians to develop and implement province-wide programs focused on capacity building and knowledge exchange.
Daina is responsible for the overall project management of the program including curriculum development. She works with the multi-disciplinary team of clinicians from the Bariatric Centres of Excellence and provides support to the Hub Teams as they implement Project ECHO OBN.
Desire Jamieson
Administrative Assistant, ECHO Ontario Bariatric Network

Desire is the administrative assistant for Project ECHO OBN.  
Desire collaborates  and provides support for the ECHO OBN participants and hub team members. 

Hub Teams

Guelph General Hospital Bariatric Centre of Excellence

Dr. Natasha Pereira-Hong; Team Lead, Surgeon
Laurie Inkol; Nurse
Morgan Lowe; Social Worker
Lisa Mooser; Registered Dietitian

Humber River Hospital Bariatric Centre of Excellence

Dr. Stephen Glazer; Team Lead, Internist
Karen Dixon; Registered Nurse
Sarah Butt; Manager
Roshni John; Registered Dietitian

Kingston Health Sciences Centre Bariatric Centre of Excellence

Dr. Boris Zevin; Team Lead, Surgeon
Don Cowell; Social Worker
Kristine Canty; Nurse Practitioner
Melodie Bowes; Registered Dietitian
Rachel Thompson; Administrative Support

St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton Bariatric Centre of Excellence

Dr. Vanessa Boudreau; Team Lead, Surgeon
Cathy Jerome; Registered Nurse
Dr. Matilda Nowakowski; Psychologist
Heather Radman; Manager
Krista Winters; Administrative Support
Sarah Teene; Registered Dietitian

The Ottawa Hospital Bariatric Centre of Excellence

Dr. Nicole Kolozsvari; Team Lead, Surgeon
Aspen Viets; Nurse Practitioner
Jenni Supino; Manager
Jennifer Brown; Registered Dietitian
Shawna McCusker; Social Worker

Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre Bariatric Centre of Excellence

Dr. Scott Cassie; Team Lead, Surgeon
Dr. Julie Riendeau, Psychologist
Olivia Zanette; Registered Dietitian
Tanya Burgess; Registered Nurse

Toronto Western Hospital Bariatric Centre of Excellence

Dr. Sanjeev Sockalingam; Team Lead, Psychiatrist
Julia Skiadaresis; Co-lead, Social Worker
Ashley Farrell; Information Specialist
Laura Scott; Registered Dietitian
Patti Kastanias; Nurse Practitioner
Sarah Royal; Psychologist
Thiyake Rajaratnam; Research Coordinator
Wei Wang; Nurse Practitioner